Oh my goodness get ready for this one… it is a total sugar rush!

I got the opportunity to shoot not one, but two sets of twins. Celebrating not 2, but 4 birthdays and twice the cake! I die! And it might have been a race against when the sun would slide back under the clouds and when the rain would catch us… And it might have delayed a few naps… but man oh man did we have a blast!

These sisters were breathtakingly beautiful and so sweet to each other.

And it must be a name thing, because Mr. W is just about the only other cake smasher I know besides my son that takes his cake without hands. Cracks me up. Mr. J took more of a one finger approach, then decided that cake was better smashed than eaten! I could have stayed and played with these cuties all day! The love and laughter and excitement running through this house was contagious! Thanks for spending your morning with me!


July 31, 2012 - 1:54 pm

B - Great pics, but I am seeing double!

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