We spent the Saturday before Easter on the property on the Colorado river. Liam came home muddy from head to toe… a sign of a wonderful day in the wilderness… I just love this moment I was able to grab while my dad was teaching Liam to fish. We are so in awe of our Pappa.


It’s rodeo season in Houston so we are dusting off our cowboy boots! And you cannot ride a horse (or a donkey) without a real cowboy hat!

March 10, 2013 - 10:12 pm

Yvonne Ferryman - send me the picture of Dwayne & Ethan Thanks Kate
Absoluetly love this picture of the two of them. My brother doesn’t
like his picture taken unless its a surprise shot like this one.
You do great work!

Everyday glimpses

Liam received his very first big boy bike from his Godparents for his birthday and it only took him 2 tries to figure out the pedals and gain his independence. He rode that bicycle all around the neighborhood (mom and dad closely behind of course.) Our little boy is growing up!


On January 22nd, we celebrated the birth of our incredible son at the Aquarium. It is hard to believe that our baby boy is 3! We had a very special table right next to the glass where he could enjoy all the underwater adventures and after dinner was complete we finished off the night with a make your own sundae. Happy Birthday my big boy!